Safe and Effective PBN link building to Improve your Ranking

What is PBN Links?

PBN stands for Private Blog Network. It means that a Person or a Group has a set of websites in their control with the sole purpose of building backlinks and pointing them to their Money pages or pages that needs higher rankings.Since these PBN sites are under our control, the building of backlinks is super easy. So, it is considered an effective way to improve the ranking of a website without much effort like outreach, Content creation, guest posting, etc. The website that gets pbn backlinks in this way can quickly achieve the highest rankings.

Why Choose our PBN links?

Although PBN link building is considered Black Hat technique, it does add considerable value in ranking the pages, if it is done in a right and safe way.

Zero Footprints

We take at most care to ensure all the sites in our PBNs look like real and reliable. No websites in our network are linked to each other. This way, it doesnt look like a network with zero footprints to avoid penalties from Google.

Well Placed links

Our team will carefully look over all parts of the website to make it look more natural and add quality content with contextual links to deliver you the best results. We also make sure that there won't be any endless links with low-quality content.

Unique Looking Websites

No website in our network will look similar to one another. Every site is built uniquely and uses the mix of logos, colours and designs. So, they don't appear like they are part of a PBN network.

Premium Web hosting

We won't prefer our sites to host on poor or shared hosting servers to avoid de-indexing and penalties from Google. All our sites are hosted on Premium cloud hosting platforms with fast and reliable servers.

Is PBN links worth it?

A PBN is a set of websites of a single owner, or more generally of a set of "hidden" site owners, who do not make explicit the matter and use the sites for link building. This translates into support for link building activities that generally have a periodic (e.g., monthly) maintenance and management cost.

Do you want to build strong backlinks that will bring your niche site to Google's first page? Do you want to rank for profitable keywords with relatively little effort and in a short time? If your answer is YES two times, then you are in the right place.

This backlink building is by far the most effective way to get strong pbn backlinks without having to beg for backlinks laboriously. If you use this correctly, you can theoretically rank for every imaginable keyword. I'm talking about setting up your blog network!

These SEO strategies are not new and have been around for several years. However, it has become more effective since the Google Panda and Penguin update. Why? Because Google recognizes spam better and better and punishes it with a penalty. If you set up your blog network properly, Google can't tell any difference from other sites.

However, building private blog networks is not white. Did you actively build pbn backlinks? But remember, link exchange and link purchase also violate Google's guidelines. So either you don't set any links and never rank, or you build backlinks!

What makes a pbn backlink a good backlink anyway?

The authority of the page

The most important factor is probably the domain authority of the site. A backlink from Wikipedia or Stern is powerful and usually improves the ranking. Why? Google knows the authoritative site doesn't link to bad sites. They only link to high-quality content pages. So you want PBNs backlink from authoritative sites!

The relevance of the page

Who deserves to rank first in the eyes of Google? Exactly, the most relevant page for a particular organic search engines queries. After all, the user has to be satisfied. Google doesn't want users to use Bing or Yahoo in the future. This means that relevance is a crucial factor. A backlink from a page covering the same topic is much more valuable than a backlink from a non-relevant page. So you want links from relevant sites!

The type of backlink

Some links are effortless to get. These include social bookmarks, blog comments, forum link profiles, etc. Google knows this, of course, and rates these links significantly less than links from strong sites. You don't want weak links!

A backlink from a text

I'll make it short. There are several ways to set a link on a page. There are, e.g., B. the sidebar or the footer. These links are undoubtedly good, but not nearly as good as a backlink from a text. Google (yes, this is a link) rates a link from a text more strongly than a sidebar link. You want links out of the text. [ Contextual Links]

The position of the backlink profile

This is often a problem when buying links. The website on which you buy articles space is a strong site, but the backlink is placed on a newly created subpage. (These inner pages do not have any pbn backlinks). Google rates such a link building much weaker than a link from the homepage. You want links from the homepage!

The number of outbound links

If a page has many outgoing links, the backlink is of less value because the link juice is distributed to all pbn backlinks: the fewer outbound links, the better. You want a few outbound links!