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    Crush Your Competition and Dominate Your Mark

    Pretty much everyone has heard of SEO , read about it or uses it unconsciously. There is simply no getting around the topic of search engine optimization . And that's just as well. As one of the most important tools of online marketing, everyone who runs a website should know it

    Wikipedia writes the following: “ Search engine optimization , or English search engine optimization ( SEO) describes measures that serve to ensure that websites in organic search engine rankings appear in the unpaid search results ( natural listings ) in higher places. Search engine optimization is a sub-area of search engine marketing .

    A distinction is made between on-page and off-page optimization .

    Onpage optimization

    On- page optimization is about all measures that affect your own website. The optimization of the page content with regard to the technical, content and structural aspects.

    Offpage optimization

    The off page optimization deals with external links , ie links from other sites. These are still extremely important for a good ranking of a website in the search engines. The number and quality of backlinks on a page is one of the most important ranking factors.

    Important SEO measures.

    The right keywords

    To do SEO successfully you need to know the right keywords. If you optimize your site for the wrong keywords, you are wasting time and money. There are several ways to determine relevant keywords. First of all, you should compile a list of terms that can stand for your products / services. You should also try to put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers. What could he enter on Google?

    Ideally, your keywords will meet the following requirements:

    • Transaction keywords (detailed information with the intention to buy) with a high conversion rate.
    • High search volume
    • Little competition

    The high search volume is of course only really valuable in combination with low competition. For example, the term “notebook” has a high search frequency, but is used by too many other websites for search engine optimization.

    So it's best to combine the keyword with one or more other terms. Keyword combinations usually have much lower competition.


    After optimizing the keywords, success should also be measured. The most important indicator for this is the keyword ranking. You should therefore regularly enter your keyword on Google to check whether you appear in the best case on the first page.

    The higher the ranking, the greater the attention and the click rate . By regularly monitoring your ranking, you can work on keywords that are too poorly listed in order to keep improving.


    SEO and usability belong together more and more. Google wants to provide users with the best possible and most relevant search results. Poor usability due to long loading times or a confusing navigation, causes the bounce rate to skyrocket. The potential customer is quickly scared and won't come back anytime soon. Attractive design and clear navigation should therefore go without saying. Responsive design is also becoming increasingly important as the use of mobile end devices increases every day.


    The focus should be on target group-oriented content with added value. Texts that are only written based on keyword density are difficult to read and may not convey the information you were looking for. Only websites that are optimized for keyword density no longer have a chance of getting a consistently good ranking.

    Rules must also be observed when designing and implementing a website . These include the semantically logical heading structure, search engine-friendly source codes, optimized images and much more. So, for the sheer amount of content, don't neglect the basic factors for a good website and thus for search engine optimization .

    WHY DO YOU NEEDSearch Engine optimisation

    • The most important thing for an SEO optimized website is of course the actual content of the website. Content has to meet certain criteria so that it can be read, rated and indexed by search engines. The content rating of search engines plays a very important role. In order for the search engine to be able to rate its website content (content) and sort it by topic and priority, the content must be focused on ONE specific topic. If a user makes a search query on Google, it does not access the Internet live and in authenticity, but uses the company's own database. Otherwise it would not be possible for Google and Co to show the user a large number of different and topic-related websites in a short time. The content of each individual subpage plays an important role within their website. Focus the texts of a website and align the wording contained as specifically as possible to only ONE topic. Never write your content for search engines. The task is rather to prepare the texts in a way that conforms to the search engine, so that they can be correctly classified and evaluated by the search engine on the one hand, and on the other hand pay into a specific search behavior of their target and needs group..
    • Inexperienced website operators often write their entire range of services on a single page of their website and then wonder why they cannot be found. Suppose you sell laptops, bicycles and garden furniture via the online shop. For success, i.e. the achievement of goals, it is essential to create separate subpages for each of these completely different categories. Sometimes very good content can be found on websites. These can also be very informative and relevant for certain people. But due to the poor SEO or lack of onpage optimization, the page is rated lower by the search engines. As a result, the page is not delivered as a search hit on the first pages and the searchers will not be able to find and read this content. Hence using the experience of a SEO consultant can go a long way
    • It’s not uncommon to see movements in the SERPs with these links the same week they’re placed, compared to PBNs that you might end up waiting weeks or even months to see some movement from what you did. With our done-for-you link placement service, you should see results much faster & more efficiently.

    frequently askled questions

    • What are the core areas of OutreacWarriors SEO? OutreachWarrior specializes in both onpage search engine optimization (SEO) and LinkBuilding . Both areas can be combined very well. SEO deals with the optimization of websites. The goal of SEO is to position a website on Google's first results page.
    • What advantages can OutreachWarriors offer me with my SEO? You are very important to us. We offer you as a customer the following decisive advantages: Competetive Pricings, Honesty in Operations, Reliabile Work, Punctuality of Reporting. We would be happy to invite you to book a call with us and show you how we work professionally.
    • What are your strengths? The experience of past customer projects and on our own websites forms the basis of our SEO knowledge. The SEO agency OutreachWarrior Consultants with 360 ° full service for search engine optimization supports you with your goals on the Internet. We work with experience , know-how and commitment to your success.
    • Is it enough if I do “SEO” once? SEO is an ongoing process. The framework conditions are constantly changing. The search engines change their ranking criteria and their algorithms all the time and the webiste and onpage strategy should be amended accordingly.
    • Who can buy your links? Everyone! However, if we determine your site to be spammy or scammy, we will cancel your order and refund your money.
    • How can you measure the success of SEO? Clearly: The most important goal of SEO is to improve the ranking in the search results and get you more sales. The measurement of success must also be based on this.
    • My competitors can do without SEO. Why should I do SEO? First, a good placement today is no guarantee of good placement in the future. It could be that Google changes its rating system and this results in different positions. Or the competitors have suddenly started to deal with SEO.
    • What makes a reputable SEO agency? A good SEO agency can be recognized by the fact that it discloses its way of working and shows which methods it uses to be successful.
    • What does SEO cost? Good search engine optimization costs money. There is not much to be said about package deals like "I optimize your website for 500 USD", because a serious price calculation must refer to the individual case.


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