Tier 2 and Tier Links (Unique URL)

Tiered link building is the clever SEO way. Lot of good SEOs out there understand that adding too many Tier 1 links too soon will lead to over optimisation of their Link profile and may result in penalties

Hence they invest time and effort in doing Tier 2 and Tier 3 link Building to boost their Tier 1 properties, enhance thier link juice and also avoid any google penalties in the process

By using Outreachwarriors Tiered links packages, you can easily boost the page authority of the URLs where your Tier 1 links are coming from.

Tier 2 and Tier 3 links can also drive traffic to yoru website as they can drive more traffic to your Tier 1 post and maybe to your money page from there.

We reommend doing Guest posts and getting a Tier 1 link from that to your money pages specially if your webiste is new. Then do Tier 2 links along with PBNs to your Guest posts as that will lift the authority of those pages, hence drive more traffic to your money pages or blogs.

How to Get Started With Second-Tier Link Building

You can build second-tier links to any first-tier links you already have but the foremost effective strategy is perhaps the one combining guest posting and social media that we’ve already mentioned.

Start by letting us identify some high authority sites in your industry or niche that accept guest posts. We then organise a value driving article that will be placed on these blogs with a link back to your website

As soon as we’ve succeeded in having a guest post published on another site with a link back to your site, we will start with second-tier link building. You can also share your guest post on all your social media account. If the article drive attention, you may get more shares and possibly more links back to your Tier 1 link or your Money page

Tier 1 – Quality backlinks that we get for you from a fully relevant article to your Niche and will satisfy the Metrics that you order

Tier 2 – Lower quality but from a relevant / keyword rich site or page that points to your Tier 1 link page. These are often from authority sites but are only partially relevant.

Tier 3 / 4 – Link from high authority but non relevant page might be from a profile link or an internet 2.0 social link. These are of lower relevance and wont deter the relevance and authority of the tier above.

Combining this Tiered link building structure along side social signals and reviews will help to grant your pages and domains a better authority value and push up your search rankings if your on-page / on-site optimisation is spot on.

PBN frequently asked questions

  • Will I receive a report? We never share the URLs or links we've built to protect the privacy of our network. Likewise, we block all the link crawlers from accessing our sites. However, we will send screenshots of the anchor text (only) we've built, to confirm the links have been built and allow you to double check them
  • Are these niche related or general posts? Our PBNs are themed in several niches, including many in general niches. Your links will be built on our most relevant sites, with relevant content at a minimum to best match both your site and our PBN site as best possible.
  • How Will I know my Links are Built? We don’t block Google so you’ll be able to see them on Google Search Console.
  • Are these links permanent placements? Yes, these links are permanent, they will stay on the homepage for 4+ weeks and then roll to the inner pages where they will stay permanently.
  • What will the article content be? Articles will be 300-500 words of handwritten 100% unique content. You may also provide your own articles as long as the grammar is good. No spun articles!
  • If I buy more PBN posts do they go on different blogs? Yes, they go on different blogs.
  • Can I See Samples? No, sorry. To ensure the safety of my network.
  • How Many Keywords or URLs can I target? Every link ordered gives you one single link (to one URL) with one anchor text. That means if you order 10 links, you can optionally link to up to 10 sites or URLs, with 10 different anchor texts.
  • How Long will the Links Stay Live? These are lifetime links. That means we guarantee the links will remain active on the sites for as long as the PBN sites are live and indexed. We guarantee your link will be lived and indexed for a minimum of 6 months or we'll replace the link for free.
  • Can you drip feed the niche edits? We don’t drip-feed the links because the natural rate of indexation does that for us. The links will all get indexed at random intervals by Google, acting as it’s own drip-feed.For big orders we will take this into consideration
  • Tiered Links frequently asked questions

    • Will I receive a report? Yes You will receive a report as these links come from real sites and not PBNs
    • Are these niche related or general posts? The articles and links will be semi related to Niche. We try to keep them Niche possible where we can but due to the price of these links, we dont agressively try to match Niche
    • Are these links permanent placements? Yes, these links are permanentWe guarantee links for 12 months