Tiered Links

What is PBN Links?

Tiered link building is a technique used in search engine optimization (SEO) to boost Authority and Page Rank by building new tiers of backlinks to the existing backlinks linked to your target page.

In simple words, It is the process of creating Multi-level links pointing to the page that needs to be ranked higher.

The basic principle is that the backlinks are created on various sites and linked to one another in a closed chain. Each link in this chain, in turn, has a link to the actual target page.

This way, the target page gets enough boost to increase it's Authority and Page rank from the links in each level of the tiered link network.

How Tiered Links are Build?

Let's say, You have a page and you want to rank it higher. So you have planned to build a set of backlinks from high authority sites relevant to your niche pointing to your target page. We call these links as tier 1 links

Then, Another set of backlinks from web 2.0 sites like [ blogger, wordpress, etc.] and other social media platforms are created and linked to your tier 1 links. These links are called tier 2 links, and they will make your Tier 1 links more powerful by passing on their Authority]

Similarly, Tier 3 backlinks are linked to tier 2 links. [Mostly, tier 3 links are created from blog and forum comment sections.]

Finally, A Network of Multi-level links is created by linking other tiers of links, where each link in the network pointing towards a target page.

This tiered link building strategy will give you greater results in a short time, but only if you do it in the right way. So, Getting your Tiered links built by Top Link building agencies like us is the best way to save your time, efforts and money without compromising on results.

We at outreachwarriors, build you the right set of tiered links and use them effectively to deliver you the quality results by executing the right strategies that work.

We make sure how hierarchical links are constructed, Link quality and relevancy, the methods currently used, and how to use them as a white hat with 100% Safety from SPAM links.

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